A Tour of the Ann Bean Mansion

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It was 1944, and he remembered her perfectly. She saw him off that dreary morning, and more than one sailor whistled while walking past the couple on the boarding deck. She was beautiful. While she wore only a simple cream blouse and modest paisley skirt, she was radiant; her soft wavy hair blew about her in auburn waves, her eyes reflected the heart of the ocean, her movements were pure liquid. He kissed her and promised he'd return with a diamond the size of Paris.

She settled for a simple band, which suited her more, anyway. And as they celebrated their 60th anniversary, he mused at the wallpaper. "Darling," he said as he turned to her, "do you remember that paisley skirt you wore...?"

Framed by a bay window, the luxury king-size canopy bed demands a little romance! This spacious suite features a stained-glass book case, gas fireplace, and private bathroom with cast-iron soaking tub and double shower with body jets. An oak table and chairs provide an intimate setting for breakfast and a settee offers ample lounging space for watching the TV/DVD player.

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